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  1. JackDallas
    JackDallas Montecresto
    I haven't seen anything by him yet. I'll keep my eye on him. Thanks.
  2. Winston
    Donald Trump will never be President
  3. oicu812
    oicu812 connieb
    connie, i've noticed several of my posts have been edited.
    removing innocuous info for no apparent reason..
    something i should be aware of?
  4. jbg
    Left-Wing Democrat
  5. redtide
    You have been hacked, your beliefs and sense of morals have been programed into you and the PC movement is just an upgrade to that hack.
  6. Woolleybugger
    HI days, just saw this, never come around here anymore, its too weird.
  7. Arkady
    Arkady Bugsy McGurk
    Do you know of another similar forum, but with less censorship? I'm tired of the double-standard here.
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  8. Emily
    Emily maverickldr
    Welcome! You're already making a good impression around here. They can be a trying bunch sometimes but most of the posters are good folks. Hope you stick with it.
    1. maverickldr
      Thank you! It's very kind of you to post.
      Aug 27, 2017
  9. Emily
    Heritage. Not hate.
  10. maverickldr
    Give me liberty or give me death.
  11. bdtex
    bdtex MisterVeritis
    Welcome to Political Jack. My avatar is the Regimental Flag of the 40th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
    1. MisterVeritis
      Thank you for the welcome. I am a retired Army officer.
      Aug 23, 2017
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  12. LeilaniMP
    LeilaniMP maverickldr
    Welcome to PJ!
  13. Pogue Mahone
  14. as seen on tv
  15. SouthernBoyI
    SouthernBoyI Dawg
    Alright Dawg
    You have done me a great injustice.
    Now Nina is saying that I'm Blam.

    I ask you to check my ip again or even better I'm going to take a picture of my television now as I watch the local morning news and use it as my avatar.

    I would appreciate you correcting your mistake.

    Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and I slandered you like that.

  16. SouthernBoyI
    SouthernBoyI Dawg
    Damn Dawg
    Have you lost your damn mind?

  17. Days
    Days connieb
    So, whatever happened to Cicero and Lapcat? Miss those two.
  18. middleview
    middleview Bugsy McGurk
    Hey Bugs, a few of us are taking a break until Friday 2/17...just to see if the right wingers don't go at each other without us the mess with.
  19. Doubter
    Watching George Orwell's prophecies come to life.
  20. Capitalist
    Capitalist freyasman
    Dude. Here's a goofy little idea TheThinker and I had. He changed his avatar to Steve Harris, bassist for Iron Maiden. I'm a fan so I changed mine to Bruce Dickenson. You wanna change yours to Dave Murray, Nicko McBrain, or Adrian Smith? Might be funny to see "Iron Maiden" avatars posting in the forum. Just for a little while. I'll probably change mine back after the election.