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  1. PNWest
    PNWest PhilFish
    Who am I? You know exactly who I am. You are a moderator. I'm posting from exactly the same location as I always have and the IP address will show that. I am not stopping by on a daily basis because (and no offense to you personally), I find that the level of discourse coming from your right wing members is just too depressing.

    Enjoy a steak sandwich for me.
  2. Frecks1710
    Frecks1710 Devil505
    I know how to look up a member.
  3. Frecks1710
    Frecks1710 Puzzling Evidence
    Hi there! I found you. How r u?
  4. Devil505
    Devil505 Frecks1710
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  5. kaz
    Able to make better decisions over my life than the government can make for me
  6. llovejim
    Just how low is the bar for Trump? Is there such a thing as a bar below ground?
  7. bdtex
    bdtex OldTrapper
    Welcome to Political Jack.
  8. Phat Mama
  9. PNWest
    I am the most impartial and most bipartisan poster of all time. THE PARAGON OF CIVILITY
  10. Bear Claw
    Bear Claw Sunset Rose
    Nice to have you on board.
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  11. Phat Mama
  12. Phat Mama
    Phat Mama Puzzling Evidence
    Where oh where is my fiancee'??
  13. Neo In The Matrix
  14. Fins
    Fins Winston
    I own you
  15. Puzzling Evidence
  16. Phat Mama
    Phat Mama Puzzling Evidence
    You look dead. Are you dead?
  17. Puzzling Evidence
    Puzzling Evidence
    Happy Solstice everyone!
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  18. Woolleybugger
    Woolleybugger JackDallas
    Dude, some of these posters have absolutely no clue how to fight online. It is boring dealing with these amateurs. I hope you have a great holiday season, might be back in Dallas in 2019, I will reach out if I have an opening, take care and Merry Christmas JD.
    1. JackDallas
      Thanks, Pal. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too. I am taking a break for a few months, working on another book. When you get back to Dallas, definitely giveme a call.
      Dec 20, 2018
  19. Felex Sanders
    Felex Sanders
    Learning the ropes and getting set up.
  20. Phat Mama
    Phat Mama Puzzling Evidence
    Hummm................. Now you're dumping me. Pffffftttttttttttt. LMFAO!!!!!