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  1. Bernard_Fokke
    Bernard_Fokke Dawg
  2. Devil505
    Tired government.
  3. The Sage of Main Street
    The Sage of Main Street make speed limit 45
    Can you recommend any other message boards? I'll have extra time for more pretty soon.
  4. Bernard_Fokke
    Bernard_Fokke SW48
    ok I'll be gouda from now on. :)
  5. Bernard_Fokke
    Bernard_Fokke PhilFish
    How do I become a supporting member?
    1. PhilFish
      send a PM to SW48.
      Jan 7, 2020
    2. Bernard_Fokke
      Sent fifty rasbucknicks, thanks
      Jan 7, 2020
  6. YJ02
    YJ02 William Compton
    zero posts?! simply unacceptable :) :)
  7. Bernard_Fokke
    Bernard_Fokke freyasman
    Merry Christmas, be safe and keep the faith.
    1. freyasman likes this.
  8. Bernard_Fokke
    Bernard_Fokke Dawg
    Merry Christmas be safe and keep the faith.
  9. excalibur
    excalibur Bronwyn
    Have you left PH permanently?
  10. bdtex
    bdtex NCmusicman
    Nice avatar.
  11. Bernard_Fokke
    Bernard_Fokke Queen Titania
    Need your opinion on the two hijacked tankers those wankers took
    1. Queen Titania
      Queen Titania
      Which wankers? Where? what? Huh? Iranian probs? Stupidity --- ps - on the tanker's part that is - they broke maritime laws 2 fold.
      Jul 19, 2019
  12. Jen
    Jen Emily
    Just checking on you here.
  13. Jen
    Jen Alan Cady
    Alan Cady. You are posting on your profile page. I doubt anyone has seen these posts at all. I just stumbled upon them. If you would post on the page where everyone else's posts appear, you might get responses. Here is a link http://www.politicaljack.com/ Choose a forum and post there. I suggest you introduce yourself first ..........the "Introductions" forum would be a good place to start.
  14. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    I am DONE!
  15. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    . . . Could this be tjeface of Democrat reason, Looks ,like Maxine Waters when mad at tnbose with good ideas and thoughts.
  16. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    NOW Be upset if you radical Progressive liberals that can call the President worse than this. BUT I only have a limited time left.
  17. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    Like the Kavanough nomination. I guess it is only when the accused is a conservative?
  18. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    .. When the same thing was brought against a conservative all they said IN UNISON, you have to believe the Woman always....
  19. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    And they let slide that the long time Girlfriend of Ellison filed charges and had a vidkio of thne actiions by Ellison. No evidence. BUT...
  20. Alan Cady
    Alan Cady
    that she needed a more sever slap on the wrists by the Dems. Former Congressman from Minnesota was also not close to impartial to the Jews