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  1. middleview
    middleview Bugsy McGurk
    Hey Bugs, a few of us are taking a break until Friday 2/17...just to see if the right wingers don't go at each other without us the mess with.
  2. Doubter
    Watching George Orwell's prophecies come to life.
  3. Wolfert Webber
    Wolfert Webber SouthernBoyI
    Did you just have a thread deleted tonight?
    1. SouthernBoyI
      I wasn't there to see it.
      But apparently I did.
      Nov 21, 2016
    2. Wolfert Webber
      Wolfert Webber
      Well at least I am not losing it.

      I hope my comments didn't get your thread canned.

      Out of state hunting now but live pretty close to you.

      We WILL get together in SC in 2017.

      Softshelled crabs in Columbia maybe

      Take care and to these people you do not know me.

      Glad you are healthy.

      You had folks worried in your absence.
      Nov 21, 2016
    3. SouthernBoyI
      I'm good to go.
      Beat cancer and am healthy as a horse.
      Is this my daddy?

      Nov 21, 2016
  4. Capitalist
    Capitalist freyasman
    Dude. Here's a goofy little idea TheThinker and I had. He changed his avatar to Steve Harris, bassist for Iron Maiden. I'm a fan so I changed mine to Bruce Dickenson. You wanna change yours to Dave Murray, Nicko McBrain, or Adrian Smith? Might be funny to see "Iron Maiden" avatars posting in the forum. Just for a little while. I'll probably change mine back after the election.
  5. Wolfert Webber
    Wolfert Webber PhilFish
    Top right of what?

    Hey, I am a dumbass and admit it.
    1. PhilFish
      Sorry. Top right of screen. Go to top of PJ window.. Should see your screenname.. then Inbox then Alerts. Wait just a moment and refresh your screen. I am sending you a message now.. you will see a 1 above Inbox.. indicating a new message from me
      Sep 28, 2016
  6. Wolfert Webber
    Wolfert Webber PhilFish
    Do we have a PRIVATE message method here?
    1. PhilFish
      'Inbox' ... top right. Start a new conversation, and just include the recipient(s) you want
      Sep 28, 2016
  7. SouthernBoyI
  8. SouthernBoyI
  9. Wolfert Webber
    Wolfert Webber SouthernBoyI
    You, SB?????

    Or, JB???
  10. bdtex
    bdtex SouthernBoyI
    Dude. You've got mail.
  11. El Veto-Voter
    El Veto-Voter
    Above the fray
  12. Queen Titania
    Queen Titania
    Sweety xxx How's tricks xxx
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  13. BitterPill
    BitterPill Queen Titania
    Hi Queen.

    I've missed you, so I just wanted to stop by and say hello.

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  14. Queen Titania
  15. Queen Titania
  16. NinaS
    NinaS SW48
    I have no idea Thx for answering my question though. Sorry I asked.
  17. freyasman
    freyasman Eighty Deuce
    Welcome to the board.
  18. Wize N. Heimer
    Wize N. Heimer
    Leftism is a disease
  19. JoeBlam
  20. JoeBlam
    JoeBlam PhilFish
    Is that a good "mmmmm" or a VOODOO "mmmm"?