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  1. 4/15

    Here Is Your "President"

    Our chicken sh---t leader has no balls.
  2. 4/15

    Latino Support for Trump Is Real: And that’s a problem for Democrats.

    I would argue the false facts you post. Of all the hispanics i know none like rumputin.
  3. 4/15

    I'm going on record here...

    A very well written misinformation guide.
  4. 4/15

    This person is violating the Constitution

    I thought this would be a thread about donald.
  5. 4/15

    Liberty versus Lockdown

    Thankfully republicans are going away so stupid is declining. My liberty has not been violated. I go to the store or shooting or see my kids. What liberty has been denied?
  6. 4/15

    Just to bring us back to the Obama economy

    Trumputin got a growing economy when he entered the white house.Gush pimpballs is a known liar and republican propagandist distributor. Patriotpost caters to the low IQ conservatives who hate black people and want America to be totally white.
  7. 4/15

    Why do Democrats not support a national voter ID?

    I do not believe an ID would change much of anything except to make it harder, time wise, to vote. Now me i do not have an ID and have never been asked for one.
  8. 4/15

    If we can stand in line at stores, we can stand in line to vote, Mail-In Voting is pure Fraud

    The business district is conservative majority. So your lib shit is just that. Please learn how to spell as fifthiest is not what you meant.
  9. 4/15

    If Joe Biden is Elected

    So where is the conviction from a court of law about him being a child molester?
  10. 4/15

    If Joe Biden is Elected

    Joe is way more fit to govern than rumputin ever was or will be. I look forward to Biden being our leader after the faker tRump is hung for treason.
  11. 4/15

    Don't tread on me

    You are the one presuming tyranny, not me and your progression is regression.
  12. 4/15

    If we can stand in line at stores, we can stand in line to vote, Mail-In Voting is pure Fraud

    It is conservatives who have no morals or compass and can not find ethics either.
  13. 4/15

    If a revolution begins in the USA...

    I will let you fire the first shot! I am in California, a place dawg cannot find.