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Jan 16, 2019 at 2:20 AM
Sep 26, 2011
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Politicians are all puppets that dance on bankers' purse strings Oct 8, 2013

Days was last seen:
Viewing thread Sunday Morning Coffee, Jan 16, 2019 at 2:20 AM
    1. Days
      Politicians are all puppets that dance on bankers' purse strings
    2. Alan
      Season's Greetings!
    3. KnotaFrayed
      Just saw your note Days, thanks so much for it and the directions, I appreciate it very much!
    4. Lapcat
      Sorry, Days. Fixed it. Dang, that thing gets full fast!
    5. middleview
      I grew up there. My parents moved to Pittsburgh in about 1955 or so and I left when I went into the service in 1972. I went back for a year in 84 for a one year job with PPG. I was thrown in as part of a deal to sell them a bunch of computers. They got their very own on site instructor/programme from the vendor. I wanted to see what living there was like if I had money.....I left at the end of the deal. There just wasn't enough to do. I live in Denver now and it is the perfect balance between lots of stuff to do and the cost of living.

      I'm making plans for my son and I to go back there at Christmas. My dad is 85 and my son is leaning on me to spend more time with him. I guess I must have done something right with that kid....
    6. middleview
      Hi Days,

      Went to the Steelers bar near my home yesterday. I had seats at my table and offered a couple a place to sit because the bar was packed. They commented on just how friendly all of the Pittsburgers are. I last lived there in 1984/1985 and worked at the PPG building, the tower. My dad and a brother and sister still live there, in the South Hills area.

      I'll look into an appropriate avatar....

    7. Days
      c'mon MA I know the diff between you and your poetry namesake! Remember, I'm a Kausvillian, too!
    8. MaryAnne
      I cannot make the darn thing work, Days. Also, I hope you are not mistaking me for the MaryAnn on BOTF. We seldom agreed!:p:o
    9. justoffal
      I haven't seen any activity from BA for a day or so....let's hope that just means that she's busy.
    10. Days
      lol, an unstoppable force of nature!
    11. Cicero
      Heh! But you have to admit that I never let it stop me.
      1. Days likes this.
    12. Woolleybugger
      HI Days...not sure what being a friend here means but I am happy to be your friend no matter what it entails. Thanks for asking.
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    Politicians are all puppets that dance on bankers' purse strings