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  • good then....I am still trying to familiarize myself with all of the tools...I see the spell check feature is IE spell...that only works if you can download IE spell locally to your computer...Until then I will no doubt compose in MW 10 and then simply cut and paste.

    Yes I see that Cicero made it over too and Jack Dallas is here as well. I wonder if the current residents have any idea who just landed on their shores....:)
    Yeah I really like it...taking it slow with it and reading to get a feel for it. I got a lot of help by your esplaining how to get the thing in threaed mode! Big help!


    Hey that LaurieAnnM. It's Gatewood/Cicero. I decided to drag out my original posting nic for this new forum. I almost went with my starred nic, but decided that Hauteur carried too much emotional baggage for me. Anyway, I hope you are settling in comfortably with Political Jack.
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