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    Clearly Obama Economy Policies Fail!

    Haven't seen you for quite a while! Welcome back, and pleez turn on your sarcasm detector. It wasn't working last night:)
  2. moddem38

    Clearly Obama Economy Policies Fail!

    Sorry didn't see the link My bad. Didn't notice the link.
  3. moddem38

    Clearly Obama Economy Policies Fail!

    Really? Why has the stock market reached record highs then? Interest rates are low. Unemployment has decreased (granted slower than we would like).
  4. moddem38

    The Second Amendment

    Conservatives want to pretend the 2nd Amendment doesn't say what it actually says. "Well-regulated militia" is in that Amendment, despite NRA propaganda. Courts had ruled for over 70 years that it did not apply to individuals. (See Miller 1939).
  5. moddem38

    Pugs will fight a minimum wage increase at their own peril

    Research shows the minimum wage does more harm than good (Neumark 2008) It reduces skills by pricing teenagers out of many jobs. Even Alan Krueger, the president's chief economic adviser, has admitted it is a "blunt instrument" for combating poverty. A better solution would be reinstating the...
  6. moddem38

    It’s official – California proves tax and spend is a failure

    I live in Ca and like a lot of things here. But it's hard to argue that our finances are in good shape. Major pension obligations will eat our current surplus away quickly. The state tax is so high that even Bill Maher complained about it. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-nX5YsKHBQ
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    A challenge for climate deniers

    That's always presented as some kind of rebuttal to the AGW hypothesis. "Oh, climate has been changing for millions of years," ergo, the changes todaymust be natural too, which is fallacious.
  8. moddem38

    Romney versus Obama: Electoral Vote totals

    Anybody who's confident on their prediction should go to intrade.com; there's money to be made (or lost) on political futures. Right now, Obama is favored to win, 60%. (Odds are made by gamblers, not by the website owners). http://www.intrade.com/v4/home/
  9. moddem38

    Romney versus Obama: Electoral Vote totals

    U Reps have the nerve to complain about lies? How about: 1.death panels 2. people will go to jail for not getting health insurance. 3. birther b.s. 4. And my favorite--Romney sayng the President refuses to address entitlements--and in the same speech, no less--wants to cut Medicare!
  10. moddem38

    Worst Americans In History?

    Lots of candidates: Aaron Burr's got to be on the list. One more remote person I would add, William Yancey, (Southern secessionist, d.1863,not known widely but there may not have been a Confederacy without him). Nathan Bedford Forrest (Brutal Confed general and founder of the Klan)...
  11. moddem38

    What's the best way to decrease abortion?

    Interesting point of view from the two of you. I don't know if either of u read Freakonomics (Steve Levitt), but he argues that the crime rates have gone down since Roe v. Wade, since there are less unwanted children being born.
  12. moddem38

    What's the best way to decrease abortion?

    There's more money for than even what I mentioned--education through k-12 is generally supported by taxpayers. But, no, I agree w you, I don't think we spend as much as the European countries on children. But--and this might be tangential to the question-- I don't think it's fair to tax a...
  13. moddem38

    LOFL!!! George Bush and Mitt RMoney make the SAME argument about rich tax cuts!!!

    What's the surprise, exactly? They have the exact same economic advisers (Mankiw, Hubbard) and the same policies, so why not the same talking points?
  14. moddem38

    Anybody see a tea partier lately??????

    They're having some big rally near where I live (North San Diego) on April 16. You know, the oppression they suffer on income tax day.
  15. moddem38

    How Many Posters Consider Themselves To Be

    I'd have to stop talking to Mom and Dad if I had that view,lol, but I don't. It's interesting to discuss issues with people that diagree with me, although occasionally I want to scream at them.