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Oct 11, 2018 at 7:58 AM
Feb 18, 2013
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Administrator, from USA

Staff Member Supporting Member

How many warning points did you accumulate in the last 30 days? Apr 10, 2014

SW48 was last seen:
Oct 11, 2018 at 7:58 AM
    1. NinaS
      I have no idea Thx for answering my question though. Sorry I asked.
    2. Rouge Rover
      Rouge Rover
      I now think I can weigh in on your new member problem. You're the problem. You back older member over newer members and then wonder why newer members don't stick around. You even resorted to putting words in my mouth in a thread about lack of membership. I'm going home in two weeks and won't be back again, and I won't recommend your site to anyone I know and care about and that's on you.
      1. SW48
        Maybe you can call me and explain what you are saying as I don't understand or remember posting about you or "backing older members" etc. I will PM you
        Mar 14, 2016
    3. BobbyT
      SW - maybe you could pin Gramps' post from tonight about his medical prognosis so that it doesn't roll off the page before others get to see it? He has been around here for quite awhile and I know that a lot of the posters also know him from an earlier site they all posted on together., and I'm sure they would want to post a message to him on that thread. IThanks, Bobby
      1. Jen likes this.
    4. middleview
      The posts with no content may actually only appear to have no content. The [quote] tag is in the wrong place...it is after the content that contains the reply and makes it appear like the poster wrote nothing. I've found that if my reply appears that way if I then edit it and move the quote tag to before my reply then it appears correctly.
      1. SW48
        No content meaning a post like calling someone a name or flaming.
        Oct 7, 2014
    5. lupehernandezdepedajack
      I don't know what I did but when I was changing my avatar it now shows in the corner of others avatars. Can you fix it?
      1. SW48
        not sure I understand the problem?
        Jun 1, 2014
    6. Mr. Friscus
      Mr. Friscus
      Here's gem by Nightswimmer.. no reason to post, just insult:

      Are you planning on rescuing them, Mr. Friscus?

      Here's an even better question: Are you even old enough to be hanging out here without your parents' permission?

      2nd post on my "Fear the Hash-Tag!" Thread.
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      2. SW48
        bans are automatically created through accumulating 10 warning points.

        To get a warning point you have to be reported for a violation. Nightswimmer is rarely if ever reported, thus no warning points.

        The moderators here don't read every post. We only read about 5% of the daily thousand+ posts.
        May 14, 2014
      3. Mr. Friscus
        Mr. Friscus
        So is this some warning points? You should make a sticky thread where people can report such posts
        May 14, 2014
      4. SW48
        There is a "report" button on every post that you can click and report a post that doesn't fit the guidelines. Then a moderator will see the report and act on it with warning points, resolve it,, delete it, or reject it.
        May 14, 2014
    7. SW48
      How many warning points did you accumulate in the last 30 days?
    8. zzigzzag
      Is the site messed up or is some administrative tool being used to prevent me from posting?
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