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5G is going in...

Discussion in 'Environment' started by Days, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Days

    Days Governor

    Sep 26, 2011
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    For the record, it wasn't chemtrails that was killing honey bees, the honey bees were dying from "hive abandonment" that resulted from the honey bees getting lost. Their directional senses are being messed up and they can't find their way back to the hive. Don't laugh, we lost over half of our honey bees in North America, this is deadly serious. It turns out, the culprit is cell phone towers. The electromagnetic waves mess with the honey bee's onboard navigational system. I guess honey bees are electrical; know what? We are electrical too! Maybe these cell phone towers are the reason there are so many bad drivers in Chicagoland?

    Cell phone signals are electromagnetic waves. Get too strong a dose and you end up with cancer. I'll bet everyone here knows at least one person who has thyroid cancer from talking on a cell phone. My wife's cousin and my oldest brother both got it.

    Thing is, we are ramping up to 5G, and it will be waaaaaaaaaaaay more powerful than 4G is. All new phones will come out for the new network, and they will be able to do amazing things. And they will give you thyroid cancer 10 times as fast. But you know how that works... the networks go in place and the damage gets done, that's progress. America is already operating quite a bit above "safe levels" for cell phone signals, and the safe levels are not safe to begin with, but here's the thing, 5G is going to be waaaaaaaaaaay more powerful than 4G, so if you don't use hands-free, go get it.
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