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A ten year history of taxes

Discussion in 'Government Offices and Programs' started by Days, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Days

    Days Governor

    Sep 26, 2011
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    CBO projections are so far off the mark as to be utterly worthless. Not just worthless, utterly worthless. Those clowns have absolutely no clue how to do their job, that's why we pay them the big bucks. How those dolts managed to make projections on complete fantasy and totally ignore the world economic growth... with something as painfully obvious as the biggest industrial investment in world history freshly in place in the western Pacific Rim, and still have those projections considered worthy of setting tax policy.... at the time I was screaming bloody murder and it turned out to be bloody murder.

    Now that the fiscal cliff has arrived, and as we take the plunge, now we can look back in horror at the worse than pathetic federal government that slit its own throat....

    Fiscal Cliff Crisis Rooted in Senate Ploy to Pass Bush Tax Cuts

    And yet, we come here everyday, and argue that the tax cuts were good for America, which is a kind of intelligence comparable to staring into the front of a canon while shooting at the enemy.

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