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After dealing with regressive liberals for years...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by miketx, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. miketx

    miketx Council Member

    Mar 14, 2019
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    ...I have compiled a list of behavior patterns that I have observed. Liberals do these things daily on message boards. Here they are. Feel free to copy and spread if you see fit. I wrote it all and you can have it.

    Regressive liberal ROE

    1. Demand a link or an explanation of the truth they are objecting to.

    2. Promptly reject all explanations as right wing lies. Smoke spin deflect

    3. Ignore any facts presented.

    4. Ridicule spelling and typos, punctuation.

    5. Attack the person as being juvenile, ie: "are you 12 years old", question their education, intelligence, Age

    6. Employ misdirection,

    6a. smear people

    6b. attack religion

    6c. attack your rationality.

    7. Lie, make false assumptions

    8. Play race/gender card/misogynist card

    9. Play gay/lesbian card

    10. Play the Nazi/Fascist/bigot card

    11. Make up stuff/So you got nothing?

    12. Deny constantly

    13. Reword and repeat

    14. Pretending not to understand, playing ignorant/what did I lie about

    15. When losing, resort to personal attacks.

    16. Russia

    17. Fox News/Alex Jones/Brietbart/infowars/Stormfront/Gateway/hannity

    18. You can’t read.

    19. Trump Trump Trump TrumpTrump Trump

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