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American Businesses Are Returning Home From China

China: It's not what it used to be for American businesses. The desire to close shop in China and return to the US has been made never more desirable since the advent of Trump's economic reforms. The slashing of the corporate tax. Investment controls. Prosecution of technology thieves. The elimination of scores of business regulations, and course, indeed, the tariffs.

But what is likely to be less known is other factors going on that are pushing US businesses out of China at a high rate. Like Steve Mushero, being in China for 15 years and having successes, others also found these diminished for a number of various reasons, including China's 2015 stock market crash. Add China's tightly regulated internet, increased taxation, and foreign investment getting shy and disinterested,

Now, Mushero is bring his ChinaNetCloud high tech company (now renamed Shanghai YunChang Network Technology, Ltd.) back to California, where he sees better and growing demand for online services to market the company's cloud management tools. Mushero claims China has become "big, messy, and compiicated."

With the inevitable concession to Trump reforms, from the closing of unrestricted access to the US massive market, everything business seems to be dropping off since 2010, and over future months, things are only going to get rougher for China, and anyone trying to do business in it.

American Entrepreneurs Who Flocked to China Are Heading Home, Disillusioned