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"BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO BE DEMOCRATS" is now considered hate speech by the NAZI Left

Discussion in 'Race Relations' started by worldlymrb, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. worldlymrb

    worldlymrb Environmental Fascism

    Oct 6, 2011
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    You heard that right! If a black conservative blogs, "black people do not have to be democrats", today's progressive NAZIs consider that hateful and will ban you from public speaking and most likely have democrats screaming in your face while you eat at a restaurant, as well as ANTIFA terrorizing her entire family.

    BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO BE DEMOCRATS is not “violent language”.

    For the first time ever, my right to speak as a black conservative is being DENIED at @DePaulU in Chicago by VP Rico Tyler. He has referred to my words as “violent language”.


  2. AnnieOakley

    AnnieOakley Guest

    The one thing that democrats hate more than a republican is a black republican.

    Democrats hate it when their slaves breaks free from their plantations.

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