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bogart the cat


Council Member
this is bogart. bogart is elizabeth bingham's companion. elizabeth is a radical political blogger a little younger than me in atlanta. with any kind of luck, she'll see this and come here and share her you tube rants with you.



The idiots that lived across the street from me at my last house had a darling little kitten that they actually gave drugs to. The kitten escaped and moved in with me, eventually died from the drugs. I hate to see animals tortured. If she really gives the kitten drugs, she should be arrested for animal cruelty.


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whatever your neighbors gave that cat, it wasn't marijuana. marijuana won't hurt a cat. it's a lot like catnip. there are lots of animals that eat cannabis. deer drive the growers nuts in the midwest. i had a friend who had a small patch that he decided to let go for another week before harvest and when he got back, the deer had munched on all but about a half pound of the buds.