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Civil War Connecticut

Discussion in 'History' started by bdtex, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. bdtex

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    Sep 17, 2011
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    That's ok. Good stuff. Most subject changers here try to inject modern politics and derail the threads. The territories were wild and dangerous during the war and Reconstruction. One of my Confederate ancestors enlisted on May 15,1862 and mustered in in June 1862 as a Private in Company I,6th Florida Infantry Regiment. He was promoted to Sergeant on March 1,1863. The records show that was captured at Dallas ,GA on May 28,1864 by troops with the Union 15th Army Corps. He was sent to the Rock Island Barracks,Illinois where he arrived on June 9,1864. He was held captive there until October 31,1864 when he enlisted in the US Army for frontier service. He became what is known as a "galvanized Yankee" and was transferred to an unassigned US Volunteer Infantry Regiment according to the National Park Service Civil War Records. As best as I can determine so far,they were stationed in Colorado and Nebraska Territories for frontier patrols and defense and away from the Civil War engagements. They did not engage their former Confederate comrades in battle.
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