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Defend him now. I dare you


Given you failed to rebut my dismantling of your point about flight crews, it's obvious you've conceded a thorough beating on that issue as well.

Have a great evening! Real life calls!
What do you think you dismantled with a thread repost of an article posted days ago by another poster ?


Agree. On to the next beat down!
It was comical for the firsts dozen it is just getting embarrassing for him.:(
Here's a little something to think about.

Let's review.

Obama made the deal is your claim is an attempt at a dodge and claim there is nothing to see here.

1. Trump had a deal with the financially failing Prestwick airport to drive business to that airport in 2015 in order to support his failing golf resort. After having sought loans to buy the golf course and apparently those attempts to get loans didn't work out. Then he pays for the golf resort with $200 million in cash, around the time his son Eric stated to golf digest that, "We get all of the financing we need out of Russia.

2. Under the Obama admin the airport was paid $0 under that contract.

3. Under Trump they have received more than $11 million through the DoD for refuelings Those redirections for refueling to that the airport make up the vast majority of the airports income. And now both the airport and Trump hotel are turning a profit with help from this graft.

You have claimed that only 40 individual were sent to the Trump business and the amounts spent by the govt at this resort for a total of $5200 and only 6% of the US military personnel were sent to Trump's business over 5 yrs .

1. It is stated that 40 flight crews were sent to Trump's businesses. A flight crew can be from 5 to 7 people. Meaning that the real number might be between 200 and 280 individuals who were sent to this Trump business, not 40.

2. Your claim of 6% does not reference an actual defined by each year amount. Just like the claim about the contract existing in 2015 versus the amount paid to Prestwick. We don't know WHEN these events took place. It could have and most like was NONE of the aircrews were sent to Prestwick under Obama. Since without the Trump discount he gives crews sent to his business right now. The room rates for his hotel are over twice the allowed per diem allotted to crew members by the military.

3. Because of the facts above. That 6% of crews sent to Turnberry, does not tell us the circumstances under which they were there, and whether or not, Trump's business was favored over other locations that were closer and under the per diem and did not contain this type of kickback to the govt.

Were these 280 instances only done when the cheapest Trump rooms were available AND aircrews needed an overnight stay.

Does this 6% represent all crews or just the crews that needed to stay overnight ?

If they are counting 6% of all crews who landed at Prestwick instead of the overnight crews then we are talking about a percentage that is likely much higher than 6% of the overnight stays you claim.

4. The claim that the govt has only spent $5200 at Turnberry is absolutely false because we know the State Dept under Trump spent $234,000 at Turnberry in 2018.

So please tell me where you think any of you "pummeled" me when all of your argument have been debunked or brought into serious question as to there veracity ?

You might have pummeled the straw man in your heads but in reality you got your asses handed to you on the facts.




The NYTs?

Got a real news source?
The DoD is the source. After all this is a response to congress from them. I see you didn't really read the article since their correspondence is linked in the piece.

I don't blame you for not reading it. A Trumpie can only take so much pummeling before they throw in the towel and before they put their fingers in their ears and just start shouting liar.