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** Disruptive posting, personal attacks, and insults **

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*temporarily in Latest News

There seems to be an inability among some posters to control their posting habits.

Numerous posts containing vulgarity, threats, inanity, derailments, and so on are routinely being reported and deleted.

Seems for a few the behavior is deliberate for no other reason other than to be disruptive

Seems to be an easy ask...dial it back, tone it down.

Moving forward, those unwilling to promote a more reasonable discourse, or are assessed a being deliberately disruptive will be addressed as follows:

Any report that is a clear violation is 5 day suspension.

Any report that does not have a clear violation is a 5 day suspension for the reporter.

Perma-bans will apply at the discretion of the admin, as deemed appropriate for recidivist posters.
Not open for further replies.