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How lame are the Democrat candidates?


Bloomberg actually thinks he has a chance against these knuckleheads.

Bernie Sanders blasts Michael Bloomberg at Iowa rally: 'You ain't gonna buy this election'

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had a billionaire in his sights at a campaign rally in Iowa Saturday night -- and for once, it wasn't President Trump.

“Tonight we say to Michael Bloomberg, 'Sorry, you ain’t gonna buy this election,'" Sanders told a crowd in Coralville, outside Iowa City. " ... Those days are gone."

Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, qualified Friday to get on the ballot in Alabama, which holds its Democratic presidential primary on March 3, 2020, a date known as Super Tuesday. His team is also making plans to file in Arkansas, which has a Tuesday deadline and also holds its primary March 3.

Sanders also excoriated Bloomberg for avoiding the earliest states on the primary and caucus calendar and focusing his efforts on the states that hold nominating contests on Super Tuesday and later in 2020.

I love it. Democrats are melting down all around. The Democrat Clown Car can't produce a candidate who would win a dog catcher race. The Edited think their only hope of winning the White House is by impeaching Trump for nothing.

And now Bloomberg thinks he's got a shot against those retards?

Pretty soon, the money flowing into Republican campaign chests will be enough to pay off the national debt at this point.
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