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Let's Talk Football


bon vivant
And Saints end great season with miserable loss to the *&^%##^*(*&&^#@$ Vikings. Actually I shouldn't be upset with the Vikings. The Saints played just good enough to lose.
And damn their hides for it.
I was rooting for the Saints. Three heartbreak seasons in a row.


bon vivant
Starts this weekend. Real football this time with a few twists.

To start with I'm going with Dallas because an xPanther running back is featured.

games start at 2pm and 5pm on ESPN, FOX, FS1 and ABC.

Sure thing prediction for 2020 college football:

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will win the National Title.

Amount I am willing to bet on that:


But hey I've got to hope.


bon vivant
Hired.. Teddy Bridgewater backup to Drew Brees and won all five games when Drew was out.

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bon vivant
Panthers sign P.J. Walker, best QB in the XFL. Walker should feel right at home. The offensive lines in the XFL were the weak spot on every team and the Panthers never have a great offensive line.