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Maxine Waters leader of the Democratic Prty

Discussion in 'Democrats' started by Truthiseternal1, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Truthiseternal1

    Truthiseternal1 Council Member

    Oct 19, 2013
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    Trump said Maxine waters with a low IQ in the 60s the the leader of the democratic party.
    Talk about a frog whistle.

    Only one group of people in the world has an average IQ in the 60s – and it’s her group.


    He also said if he ever gets in a debate with Elizabeth Warren he’s going to toss her a DNA test and offer her a million dollars to take it. She said she’s a fake Indian who lied about it before DNA testing was a thing, and then he apologized to the real Pocahontas for calling her Pocahontas.


    Warren was recently asked to take a DNA test and refused but said it didn’t matter because she isn’t running for President anyway. That’s a funny thing. She’s disqualified because she faked her ancestry.

    He also referenced for a minute George Bush I’s “Thousand Points of Light” slogan. I hadn’t thought about that in a while. But this was for sure some kind of occult thing he was saying. Trump said “no one ever figured out what the hell that was about.”
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