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More Trump Border Wall going up!

I heard that they are just finishing up on 65 miles of wall and Trump told reporters on his way to Baltimore that they will have around 500 miles of wall sometime next year.

sensible don

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Tell that to those trying to scale it.:D
I mean they are painting it black, to make it too hot to touch since the immigrants don't know what gloves are, which they make by the millions - right?

So, with hundreds of miles of gaps, are they really stopping anything - please riddle me that batman...............can't they just go to where there is no wall, or jump on a ship, or fly in an airplane or beter yet just work for Trump at his resorts?


"Dimwingers have to cling to something.

Trump is getting his wall and it makes them crazy."- You

Everyone knows the wall serves no purpose but to troll liberals. It's a dumb reason to do anything.
Neither of my comments say anything about that being the purpose of the wall.

Please try again.:D