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navy secretary "F*ck you sailors"

Everything Obama touched turned to shit.
I realize that is your opinion but objective facts do not support it.

Try only getting your news from sources that pre date the modern era for a while.
Try getting news from sources that are at least 50 years old that pre date the era when propaganda and journalism got so intertwined. Turn off Fox, Rush and the internet for a while.

The truth matters. Your heart is in the right place have just been systematically misinformed.
This was not Trump's job to do. He should not have gotten involved in it and he didn't. That's what the chain of command is for.
The "chain of command" exists to enchain the captain and crew. It could not stand the light of day. Fvck the chain of command.

The captain's send off said it all. We've already seen our "chain of command" lie to the american public about the pandemic.

Skipper called bullshit, that's all.