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New England vs. Jacksonville

Mr. Friscus

I think, therefore, I poop
So what did you guys think?

Magical comeback? Or referee-aided big market Super Bowl participant?


Brady has been unbelievable.

I didn’t pay any real attention to the nfl this season....

I’ve enjoyed doing other things so much I just lost interest.....



Supporting Member
Haven't watched a game since they kneeled, did see video of where ref gave the turnover to Pat's for the win..........can't believe anyone would pay $5,000+ for a ticket for Super Bowl and read where some guy paid $132,000+ for 10 seats on lower level 35 yd .......appears I will not be watching NFL for quite a long-long time now after censoring Vets:’-organization’s-anti-protest-ad-from-super-bowl-program/ar-AAv3a43?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp