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Republicans didn't want Dem cooperation when they tried to show TrumpCare down American's throats.

Discussion in 'That's JACKED UP!' started by Spamature, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Spamature

    Spamature Senator

    Oct 2, 2011
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    Yeah lying does for one thing.

    Lying ? The amount and the insanity of his lies are OFF THE CHARTS ! He puts Tommy Flanagan to shame. Incompetence ? He literally does not even know much of what he promised was unconstitutional. It actually makes his lying look better by comparison. He lies about stuff when there isn't even a need to lie and the truth would probably even look better than the falsehood.

    Restraint ? Was attacking Syria legal ? He's doubled the drone attacks. He even orders the attacks at parties and over dinner like it just another course in the meal.

    Racism ? He was sued by the govt. for racist practices. His racism was an actual violation of the law. And then he went ahead and continued to flaunt the law with his racism and was sued again. Then sued by the state of NJ for racist business practices involving his casino.

    Conspiring ? The difference is that Nixon didn't join the NV on the battlefield and Reagan didn't help the Iranians take their hostages. Here the evidence so far is point to Trump and his people being in this attack on our country while it was taking place.

    On top of that they didn't publicly party with mobsters, and weren't facing lawsuits for defrauding the after being elected public.
  2. EatTheRich

    EatTheRich Senator

    Sep 18, 2012
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    Yeah, Trump is worse than average, but not different from normal. Kennedy didn't party with Sam Giancana and Frank Sinatra? Obama didn't pal around with Tony Rezko?

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