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the simple reason why we are facing another collapse


First of all, Days, the mints do not print paper money, that is under the control of BEP, Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Secondly, where do you get this 'quadrillion' from? The total amount of cash/coin, plus demand deposits, travelers checks, and other checkable deposits, comes to just over $2 trillion. This idea that the treasury keeps printing paper, and throwing it into the economy is untrue. Yes, BEP has currency printed, to replace worn out notes.

As for worthless money, the U.S. is the largest owner of gold, with over 8,133 tonnes of gold in reserve. I wouldn't believe everything you read.
total fail.
The countries that do not appear to be influenced by the impending collapse are not running the sort of economy that the US and majority of EU countries pursue
wtf do we need a symbolic raise for? Are the money priests so far removed from main street that they need to kill the last semblance of economic movement just so they can say they are charging interest? What is that? "The gods demand it"?

With inflation running too low, the FED board member actually pointed at employment figures... can you believe that? As if, employment is somehow undesirable... can't have people on main street working jobs, we need to raise rates.
They are doing it because they have no more tools at the old rates so they are inching them up a bit to give them some room to lower rates again. The other way is what the Swiss did, negative interest rates but that only works when you have so much money coming to you that you have no desire to get more of it.