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Trump 2024


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Trump 2024.

You want Trump to be a dictator holding power till he croaks and his kids take over?
That is sooo Republican and corrupt and anti-American.

Oh, wait, you want one of his spawn to run in 2024.

sensible don

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The Dem nominee could have Obama on the ticket as his VP.
Michelle on the ticket with Biden, that wraps up the black and women vote pretty much - there is NO ONE on the GOP side with her persona and public acceptance.

Didn't Hillary set that precedent.................lmao at an Obama wheeling Trump out the door but we know when he loses he will claim voter fraud, russian interference, dead people voting, illegals by the millions voting, etc., etc. and will have to be physically removed.
Barron - wow a teenager for President, well he can probably watch TV all day, eat big macs, play games and tweet insults so sure he is qualified, thanks for making that VALID point!
He's significantly more intelligent and educated than you, at least judging from your writing here.


King (Just like Trump)
I see you’re assuming he loses in 2020 and will still be eligible for a second term. But he’s an old, obese man, I’m sure just living until 2024 would be a huge victory.
Who said anything about Donald Trump? You hate him so badly you would believe anything that would make him look bad.