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Trump Hasn't Been a Friend To Russia

Discussion in 'Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy' started by protectionist, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    A few years ago, the same people who now claim President Trump to be friends with Putin and Russia, were themselves, quite friendly with Russia. They seem to have become rather anti-Russia, only since Trump had said he thought it would be good if the US could be friends with Russia. In any case, the idea that Trump has become excessively pro-Russia is a mistaken one, proven by the facts of recent history.

    The Trump administration imposed new sanctions on Russia — including strict sanctions on seven of Russia’s richest individuals and 17 top government officials for their interference in our elections. 1 The sanctions directly penalized President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, by prohibiting them from traveling to the United States ever again. He did this by opening a bank account in the West, preventing them from doing business with the West and prohibiting anyone else to do business on their behalf. 2

    Here's some more YOU WON'T HEAR IT ON CNN stuff >> During his first month in office in January 2017, President Trump upheld strict sanctions to punish Russia for its unlawful 2014 annexation of Crimea. 3 With those sanctions, the Trump administration punished more than three dozen individuals and organizations that were behind the invasion of Ukraine. 4

    Trump isn't the only one who has had a hand in the Russia penalizing. His cabinet has entered into these foreign policy dealings as well. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had a hand in the actions, stating that there would be no easing of the sanctions, until Russia were to meet the requirements expected of them under the 2015 Minsk agreement —the Russia/Ukraine ceasefire agreement. 5

    In addition, seeing Russian diplomatic properties in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New York City, as threats to American security, Trump, not Obama, ordered the closure of them, after Russia had ordered that the United States cut its diplomatic staff in Russia. 6

    Then there was the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom. The Russian government was suspected, and it was President Trump who led the world in expelling Russian diplomats after the ominous scenario unfolded. Trump moved swiftly to expel 60 Russian diplomats from U.S. soil. 7

    Lastly, after Russia used its oil leverage over NATO’s Eastern European countries to hold them hostage, Trump scolded Russia, in a 2017 speech in Poland. In the speech, Trump emphasized the danger to those counties, of being so dependent on those Russian oil imports. 8


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    President Trump is tougher on Russia in 18 months than Obama in eight years
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