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Trump photo-op

he said, the photo was no different than Ivanka comforting the wife of a Navy SEAL killed in Yemen.

does that need translation?

So, the president does this sort of thing, he visits tragedies, takes photos with the victims, it is a stupid American tradition.

what is out of the ordinary?

All I see is the press hurling insults at the president for every last news item, every day, as long as he is in office.
Dumbo Dubya and Darth Evader Had Cancelled All Anti-Terrorist Operations

It's no different from Clinton visiting a 9/11 memorial, ignoring the Bushlovers' lies that he was the one to let Al Qaida prosper and prepare for the Nazislami atrocity.


The photo would be depressing because it shows the President and his wife smiling, four days after your parents have been murdered.
This picture should never have been taken.
Well, the photo was taken, whether the politics of the situation was politically correct or not; they took a photo. If you are going to take the photo, the guy with the camera always says, "smile".

It looks to me like the president was reacting to someone standing nearby. What are the odds that multiple shots were taken and the press seized on this one to ostracize the president? Have you noticed how only the worst pics of the president make it to press? I have.