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Way more dead from Ground Zero disease than from 09/11.


World Trade Center Health Program Will Care for Ground Zero Cancer Victims

The ugliest result of the 09/11 cover up was a decade of denial that Ground Zero was full of toxins. Finally, the government is admitting that this was no normal physical collapse. nano technology created explosives that emitted radiation poisoning; causing tens of thousands of cancers. I posted for years, Ground Zero disease was cancer from radiation, even as this scenario will play out all over again in Japan from Fukushima radiation that is being denied, expect the same results.

"most of the guys died of cancer, 99% of them died of weird rad cancers"

09/11 was more than just an inside job... it was a science experiment; and New Yorkers were the guinea pigs.


The article suggests nothing of the kind, saying nothing about nanotechnology or radiation ( and there is no outside evidence either). We already know what caused the towers to collapse ... namely being hit by planes, the fuel exploding, the avalanche of burning debris, melting steel losing its rigidity.

The health effects on first responders are very serious and the ruling class has to answer for withholding information. However, they cam be explained not by a conspiracy to irradiate people, but by the toxins actually mentioned in the article (asbestos, lead, etc.). 50,000 people got cancer after being near Ground Zero? That doesn't mean anything unless we know how many ... and the number is doubtless quite large ... would've gotten cancer if they hadn't been at Ground Zero. I'm not saying being there didn't cause some cases of cancer ... after all, asbestos in particular is well known as a powerful teratogen. But it is sloppy thinking to go from 50,000 with cancer, to they must have all gotten it from being at Ground Zero, to there must have been radiation poisoning, to a secret nanotechnology experiment.


The reason no one touched this is because they know that I've been posting, for years, that Ground Zero disease is radiation cancer. The government refused to acknowledge that. The article is reporting that the government has finally come clean and admitted that.