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Why Bloomberg is the worst cadidate for democrats (except for sanders)

Let's see . . .

According to some partisans on this site, our decision should come down to a choice between:

1. A lifelong, septuagenarians socialist who flocked to every photo op with Castro and the Soviets, and who is now dying of heart disease, or . . .

2. A billionaire wall street sepugenaruan lifelong Republican who is carpet bombing the nation with TV ads in an attempt to emerge as the nominee from the backroom of the brokered convention which screws bernie

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Why isn't some LEGITIMATE democrat the best choice for their party? Why dint actual primaries voters have the final say?

I'm not a member of either party. Just some democracy lover who believes our nations problems are best addressed by a candidate who prevailed in ACTUAL PRIMARY VOTES - not murky, arcane caucuses or smoke filled back rooms at the convention.

It defies logic to believe that the same centrist, non affiliated voters who put trump in office 4 years ago are going to abandon his booming economy and wind down of middle east conflicts in favor of SOME OTHER billionaire loudmouth septugenarian. Or the socialist photo bomber.

We're are missing the obvious: a brokered convention is going to turn to hillary. Not bloomberg, who by now has been the target of dozens of captured in video scathing attacks by his rivals in debates and campaign ads.
Clips which trump will recycle in the general election campaign.

The party big shots know this already. If it comes to a brokered convention, they will turn to hillary.

Because generals always want to re-fight the last war. . .