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Why the Democratic obsession with racism won’t win them minority votes

Discussion in 'Democrats' started by Marcus Aurelius, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Marcus Aurelius

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    Sep 18, 2013
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    To judge by what they say and do, Democrats are obsessed with two topics: impeachment and race. With Robert Mueller’s disastrous performance driving a stake through the heart of the former, race is shaping up as a defining issue in this week’s second round of presidential debates.

    The Obama administration was the most leftist in modern times, but those days look almost modest by comparison to this year’s hysterical calls for impeaching President Trump along with overt demands for socialist and race-themed policies.

    Many candidates, congressional members and activists have become shockingly radicalized. They routinely say things and advance ideas that, not long ago, were hard to spot even on the fringe. Consider that San Francisco wants to paint over a George Washington mural!

    As David Brooks points out in his latest Times column, the audience for this far-far-left appeal is largely white progressives. Studies show there are more of them in the party and they moved further and faster to the left than black or Hispanic Dems.

    One result, he writes, is that they see everything from immigration to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the prism of race.

    “White liberals have warmer attitudes toward other races than they do toward their own,” Brooks insists.

    The bizarre trend helps explain why attacks on “white privilege” are now required for candidates to prove their racial bona fides.

    The increased frequency with which the “racist” tag is thrown around is one manifestation, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggesting that even Speaker Nancy Pelosi is guilty. Another is that Rep. Ilhan Omar can give an interview where she says that America should be more fearful of “white men” than Islamic terrorism — and the left defends her as being misunderstood.


    You want to know where the real racists are? Look at your party registration card for the D, and you'll know.
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