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Why the "Trump's a Racist" Narrative Doesn't Hold Any Credibility


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Yes, they are dumb ... just look at Kansas and how much the property taxes went up after Red Don's middle class tax increases.

Oh wait, they voted dem the last election, at least they learned ... well

Just look at Oklahoma ... stupid ass's
How are you spending that $2,500 in healthcare savings?


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The NBA is filled with mostly black players. Is it a racist institution??
I don't believe so *(thought can't know for sure). Are the supporters of the NBA mostly black? Most golfers and supporters are white. Is it racism, or just different interests?

The leadership of our country is not a sport. It is a part of the livelihoods and survival of the people. Trying to compare that to a game is pretty ignorant.


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This post is very telling. You clearly believe that white people are superior to other races. This was my point exactly.
What people CHOOSE to do has nothing to do with being superior, inferior, or otherwise. Let's get back to the post and address it again. As people get poorer, lazier, and more criminal they skew left. Why is this? You refused to answer the first time.