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    My name is miss Nancy.
    how is your health? I saw
    your profile here on www.politicaljack.com
    and decided to contact you.
    need you as a friend.
    Please contact me with my
    private mail address
    ( nancymercy20@yahoo.com ).
    This will enable me to tell
    you more of myself in details and
    also to send you my picture .
    Have a nice day.
    That's the spirit, Addy! Great attitude! Learning and an openmind is a good thing.
    GM Addy!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom--hat tip. Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Many THANKS to you guys for your kindness...all the best, Jen, MaryAnne and Wulk--Cheers!
    Thank you,Alan. We can thank Addy for my picture.

    Hope you enjoy each and every one of us here on PJ. May your Holiday be a really great one filled with family and friends.
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