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    Why It Doesn't Matter Who You Vote For

    A fair analysis, Queen Titania, well said. Money isn't the direct issue, it's manipulation by the bankers is the real issue. Like 'em or hate 'em it's those bankers who decide who gets the bigger house, the newest car, a better education, etc., so unfair how much leveraging power and influence...
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    Appreciate the welcome back, MaryAnne, and thank goodness for alternative telly viewing. Enjoy your day.
  3. Alan

    Super Bowl 50

    Be careful, Friscus, one of the television stations will nab you to conduct pre-game, post-game analysis. Have to agree with all of what you said. The heart says let the aging wonder Peyton exit the game a champion on top, but the mind counters with Carolina's prowess isn't a figment of...
  4. Alan

    Super Bowl 50

    Hi! Any predictions on this weekend's Super Bowl game outcome? http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/50 Who are you rooting for?, Carolina or Denver? Anyone just tune in for the commercials? My prediction is Carolina wins, especially if Peyton Manning gets off to a slow start. May the best team win.
  5. Alan

    Why It Doesn't Matter Who You Vote For

    Knowledge of the exploits of the Federal Reserve cost President John F. Kennedy his life. They say money is the root of all evil.
  6. Alan

    T-rump a loser

    Trump or Chump...
  7. Alan

    Hillary wins by coin toss

    The overall dynamics of this race will change dramatically after Bernie Sanders wins NH and the former First Lady wins South Carolina. Open the flood gates on Super Tuesday and last person standing should emerge as the potential democratic nominee.
  8. Alan

    Obama Legacy

    So much for all of that hot air about "hope & change", MUCH ado about nothing...
  9. Alan


    @Queen Titania That's because you are smart. Every time I think I can stay away, there's nothing like a presidential election that pulls me right back in. @Caroljo If things get really nasty the electorate will welcome Clinton-Bush, OneAmerica
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    It's another presidential election year. The last time I was here was 4 years ago in anticipation of Election 2012. After another four years with President Obama, nothing has really changed. Same old, same old (student debt continues to rise; seniors are forced to work beyond their golden years...
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    It's almost like I never left!

    Welcome back, Judy
  12. Alan

    And yet another new member introduction

    Welcome, Emily :)
  13. Alan

    GO ON THE RECORD - your predictions for the 2016 presidential race (Predictions)

    Admittedly, I have no idea who will prevail in the respective primaries on a given date, but please don't be surprised by late Summer that the eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton taps across party lines to ask Jeb Bush to join with her on a presidential-ticket less concerned about...
  14. Alan

    New definition for "Romney" (verb)

    Hahaha...No offense to Mitt Romney, but gotta laugh at the winsome sense of humor here. Maybe Homeland Security will be adding a Defe' division soon enough
  15. Alan

    Obama Fails E-Verify as Pre-trial evidence released in Obama Birther Case:

    Shooting blanks won't stop President Obama from being re-elected this Fall. It's way past time to move on with this counter-productive circus like atmosphere, and simply put forth a legitimate issues-oriented campaign to even have half a chance of challenging him next November.