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  • Hey Connie, can you delete my thread in Economics forum on markets and warming? I put it in the wrong place.
    What post of mine did you delete in 'what is the GOP afraid of' thread.....and why??? Are you just deleting posts just 'because' now?
    connieb,,,as you may be aware, addy has a problem with "embolding" part of her reply, [it does not change the content, but "highlights" the part im referring to]...i dont see where this is "breaking the rules"..am i wrong?
    Here's gem by Nightswimmer.. no reason to post, just insult:

    Are you planning on rescuing them, Mr. Friscus?

    Here's an even better question: Are you even old enough to be hanging out here without your parents' permission?

    2nd post on my "Fear the Hash-Tag!" Thread.
    Attempted to respond to your PM but your mailbox is full... Thank you for the quick response, and the problem has gone away for the moment...
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