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    Independent Journalist Took A Closer Look At His January 6th Footage And Discovered Something Pretty Damning That Blow Up The Dem Narrative

    This video really changes the whole story! Why would officers need to be “extracted” from the building? Weren’t they there for the sole purpose of protecting it? Why does an entire tactical team in riot gear need to be rescued by a guy “protected” by a red hat? That’s what riot gear is for. This...
  2. Conservative Girl

    Video: Dallas Goons Tried To Rob The Wrong Man Inside His Apartment Complex Hallway And Paid The Price

    Perspective..these guys run away after trying to rob the shooter's home & he opened fire which is legal in Texas right? However, the sad fact remains that the shooter rang off shots like that in an apartment building where those bullets could have hit anybody in those units. He needs to get more...
  3. Conservative Girl

    Photos: Unusual And Sizeable Growth Spotted On The Left Side Of The President’s Neck During His Last Bike Riding Display

    What is that thing on Joe Biden's neck? https://defiantamerica.com/photos-unusual-and-sizeable-growth-spotted-on-the-left-side-of-the-presidents-neck-during-his-last-bike-riding-display
  4. Conservative Girl

    The Fake News Media In Panic – Trump Releases Private FBI Email That Exposes Everything About Their Latest Scam (Screenshot)

    Too many lies from the fake news media!!! This is why Trump, is pushing for the government to publicize the documents. https://www.usasupreme.com/the-fake-news-media-in-panic-trump-releases-private-fbi-email-that-exposes-everything-screenshot/
  5. Conservative Girl

    Cheers Breaking Out Inside The West Wing As The FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago – Many Trump Supporters Are Still On-Site (Videos)

    They are even celebrating! We have now reached the point where the regime's secret police will raid their chief opposition candidates and call it 'defending democracy...
  6. Conservative Girl

    Video: Angry Farmer Reacts Perfectly When A Vegan Protester Tries To Block His Work Route

    So he doesn't want the farmer to farm. What is he going to eat? Apparently, he thinks he can just buy his vegan food from the store since they always have stuff “in the back”. NO ONE has the Right to Block Roads or Private Property...
  7. Conservative Girl

    Screenshots: Local News Channel Posts The Results Of The Primary Election Who Should Be Held Next Week

    And ant-American candidates won according to this leak! They have a plan upfront for sure! The MSM will lie about how popular a candidate is because if they need to cheat to make them win, it doesn't seem so obvious right? Biden was more popular than Trump before November 3rd according to the...
  8. Conservative Girl

    Video: Biden’s COVID Coordinator Announce That For The 4th Time, Biden’s “COVID” Symptoms Change And It Sounds Like He’s Declining

    Highly unusual that this isn't Biden's doctor giving the White House updates on Biden's medical condition. You have to ask yourself why not? I think that he has pneumonia as of today...
  9. Conservative Girl

    Video: Man Tells Jill Biden “Your Husband’s The Worst President We’ve Ever Had” – Her Answer Speaks Volumes

    That’s what Narcissists do. She sees herself as a Goddess and the rest of us minions. The common man’s opinion isn’t important to her. https://www.usasupreme.com/video-man-tells-jill-biden-your-husbands-the-worst-president-weve-ever-had-her-answer-speaks-volumes/
  10. Conservative Girl

    Video: Jill Biden Probably Shouldn’t Have Said These Three Words Out Loud

    Jill is back, and this time Jill is saying the “quiet part” out loud about the left’s plan to indoctrinate America’s kids into the progressive religion. https://www.usasupreme.com/video-jill-biden-probably-shouldnt-have-said-these-three-words-out-loud/
  11. Conservative Girl

    Video: Man Shot by Police Draws Protests, Then His Victim Shows Up And Things Got Pretty Awkward

    Basically, this is where they're at"ma'am I don't care if you were shot at almost killed, or your kids are traumatized we need to be the victims here for our cause" that's what I got out of it...
  12. Conservative Girl

    The Reason Why The Uvalde Cop Was “Checking His Phone” In The Hallway Is Finally Revealed – Paints Totally Different Picture Of The Viral Image

    The officer was disarmed shortly after the picture was taken and he hasn't been able to get in again! His wife is now dead because of that...
  13. Conservative Girl

    Video: Second Amendment Saves Lives – Texas Dad Shots Two Robbery Suspects After His Car Is Targeted While Infants Are Inside

    This incident comes as that area, along with much of the country, struggles with high crime rates. Houston was rated No. 31 on a list of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S. by Neighborhood Scout. In fact, more than 99 percent of communities in Texas have a lower crime rate than...
  14. Conservative Girl

    Video: The Handlers Put Joe On a Bike Again, He Didn’t Fall But The Bystanders Embarrassed Him Even More

    It’s awkward and feels a bit like a “trained monkey” show. In any case, Biden was left embarrassed yet again! https://www.rightjournalism.com/video-the-handlers-put-joe-on-a-bike-again-he-didnt-fall-but-the-bystanders-embarrassed-him-even-more/
  15. Conservative Girl

    Shock As 4chan Allegedly Cracks Hunter Biden’s iCloud Account And Leaks Everything – We Have Exclusive Photos & Screenshots After 4Chan Took Down The

    They’ve secured the data, even if the FBI shuts them down: 4chan has already created torrents for the Hunter Biden iPhone and iCloud backups and is now seeding them. That means even if 4chan gets shut down the copies will still be out there Users claim to have over 450GB Of Data From The 4CHAN...