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  • Hi Irish (Deanie). Good to see you here and be one of my political buddies.

    Just a note to say I'm sorry for not responding to you in that thread when you said hello. I wasn't ignoring you. I saw it and appreciated it much.
    Hey there Irish! I'm still trying to find my way around this place and didn't see your message to me about old Fray posts until just now! Thanks! I may go back and do some poking around to try to refresh my memory on some things. I do appreciate your message very much and hope all is fabulous for you!
    Roll your sleeve up and get in here Irish xxx Nothing to fear, actually the Native are few and harmless but the Juxtaposition of us all, from Fray. is rather odd at first and second for that matter :) Fear not old comrade at arms and do me a favour. In intros there is a Democrate nomini who might need a bit of a bettr welcome ....you shall know better than I xxxx sleeves up and divee
    in ' onward onward un christian soldiers ' xxxx Ahh it was so easy when we believed eh ? xxxx
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