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    Current Political envioment in the US

    America wants to know what is real, Democrates do not get thier way they hid, lie cheat belittel people, even threatn bodly harm, take the SCJ Replacement for Ginsburg, Drunk Nancy Pelosi says she has poisen arroqw we Impeach the fircking POTUS Trump again will use, Schumer sys he will make...
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    2020 POTUS

    Will be held on 11/3/2020 with all the States allowing Mail in Ballots might be 11/15/2020 till we know the winner. Democrat are supporting Mail in Ballots so when Biden and Harris loos they can extend the election till 01/01/2021 that is fine bur remember POTUS Trump is still POTUS till...
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    Joe Biden and rasing Taxes

    IF you earn more than $400,000 a year Biden wants to raise your taxes by 15 % THE Speaker of the house and US Senate has a Salary of $195,000, travel expense, drugs and Russian Vodka Healthcare coverage of $250,000, Speakers in Public Events Before the pandemic, the good speakers were booking...
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    SCJ replacement for Gingrich

    The constitution says this vacance must be filled with Senate approval within a reasonable time, 3-4 months, so that means by 12/19/2020. Why then are Democrates crying about a Filibutser to change the law, by the way Harry Reid a Democrate created the Fillibutser The Senate or House cannot...
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    The most important topic of the 2020 POTUS elaection, This singel act Forced on America by Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Harris cost 458,000 jobs, 1,500,000 healthcareworker jobes, 48 million people to be unemployed, 29,000 small Business to close and we do not have a healthcare system to Handel Covid 19...
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    Obama/JoeBiden/NancyPelosi care

    A law forced on America by Democrat's in 2012. 458,000 Americans died, 1,500,000 Health care workes fired, 36 million American Jobs Lost, 29,000 small business closed, and the US has no health care plan to fight Covid 19, what the hell is wrong with Americans that voted for Democrats in 2016...