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  • At the bottom of each new Slate page ... at the very bottom ... is a small type set of Links. click on the Fray and it will take you to the Fray homepage with all the boards. The archives is just the same exact fray with the ability to post removed. Some fraysters have set up new nics just to go around rating posts, when you click on their mbtu, it is empty because they can't post, and the nic was set up after posting was turned off.
    Hi Knot! I'm not sure yet how to navigate PJ- so here goes. To answer your question about the Fray closing- I couldn't post on KFS the last 2 weeks it was still up unless I went in the back door to post. So I had to bookmark the other Fray boards like BOTF, Politics and Today's Papers. That's how I can still access the frozen Fray is through these bookmarks that I set up prior to the Fray shutting down. Also, you can go to the new front page of Slate and poke around a bit to see if you can access the archived Fray yet- but I didn't have any luck there recently.
    IO :0)
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