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    Hope you never take my posts personal, Lukey. I don't hold back. What fun would that be? It's just a "yo mama!" fest to me. It ain't really about anyone's mama, though.

    But I do like having you for a PJ friend. And I do assume that I'd like you if I met you. We're homies. We'd have plenty to talk about besides politics.

    Sometimes I get paranoid when I write my sarcastic posts. I look to see if you've deleted me. Hahahahaha!!
    Nope. I just read your message to MV about having grown up in Pittsburgh. However, missing the draft and joining the AF fit, too. Just a funny coincidence.
    Bob Lucas? From Emporium?

    I know it's unlikely. But I've only ever known one "Lukey" and he was a friend some 40 years ago.
    No. I lived in the South of Pittsburgh for most of my life and left there to go into the Navy in 1972. I did go back for a year in '84.

    Did you spend much time in the South Hills?
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