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  • first went to Pittsburgh in 1983, to rig the One Oxford Centre; after that horrible accident. I moved to pittsburgh (squirrel hill) in 1992, met Audrey there, we are still together... I washed windows downtown, including the entire Mellon Bank complex, but we didn't do ppg... saw those guys going over top, that building had that castle firewall at the top, pretty wild. pittsburgh is the last friendly city in the rust belt, my mom was born in New Salem (near Uniontown)... just an old Pennsylvania hillbilly, coal miner's daughter (for real). the family moved to Cleveland to get out of the mines; I was born in Cleveland... but raised in Detroit. I lived in squirrel hill from 1992-1997. loved it, loved the land, loved the crazy town. watched the Steelers lose two super bowls; Cowher power! I'm glad he won one finally, watched that here in Chicago.
    mr middleview, I insist you become my friend, and get a clean shave! (your shadow is showing - IOW, you need to upload an avatar)
    heh, I left pittsburgh, over 14 years ago, but when you turn on the tele and you see that black and gold; man, how ya gonna root against that?
    Yeah I figured out you weren't who I thought you were when I saw in your profile that you are in IT. My friend got a job in city management in Aspen in the mid-seventies and I never saw or heard from him again. But no, I was born and raised in the North Hills and never spent much time in the South Hills. We're about the same age but I managed a high lottery number in '72 so I missed the Vietnam experience. I joined the Air Force later (in the 80's). You a Steeler Fan still?
    Middleview - no names please but by any chance do I know you? Did you graduate from Robert Morris?
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