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  1. sensible don

    Anyone Get Their Free At-Home Covid Test Kit Yet?

    Actually Chinese labor is not the cheapest anymore, get you facts straight- whoops another right fallacy debunked, 5 YEARS AGO and even higher now...
  2. sensible don

    Anyone Get Their Free At-Home Covid Test Kit Yet?

  3. sensible don

    Democratic FDA wants to kill Floridians

    So if Vaccines don't work then why did DeSantis and HIS FAMILY all get FULLY vaccinated - no one wants to touch that elephant in the room question ?
  4. sensible don

    From The "Act Now! Supplies Are Limited!" Files: Stayin' Classy Edition

    @PNWest, I heard through my chinese religious cultists websites the R U D Y t-shirts are in very short supply so they better act now !
  5. sensible don

    Liberal Mark Cuban, not Congress, will give Americans cheaper prescription drugs

    Hey glad to give you a laugh, you got to admit it was rather easy, you even see it amiright? So you are saying don't follow their tangents - hey no problem - got it.
  6. sensible don

    Poor guy

    True, there are worse waiting in the wings - just watch your Greatest Loser kiss of death endorsements coming out
  7. sensible don

    Too Funny

    So you condemn/ make fun of a person's personal beliefs about their safety? Ok, so why do you need all those weapons for your personal safety - I laugh at that as do many others? amiright? - 2 hands - 27 weapons - 10,000 rounds of ammo - it's the apocalypse
  8. sensible don

    Sarah Palin strolled into NY restaurant with Covid

    Do you feel sorry for 3 pack a day smokers? people that refuse to take care of themselves ? people that abuse their bodies with drugs and alcohol - sorry not me. To me they are burdens on society by their OWN CHOICE - plenty of help out there now if they want it but they choose to be that way. I...
  9. sensible don

    Sarah Palin strolled into NY restaurant with Covid

    Drill baby drill ( insert arthritic hip shake here )
  10. sensible don

    Federal court says Alabama's congressional map disadvantages Black voters

    So no one explained why they have to cheat to win, I guess they see 1800 voters leaving the party each day and are getting worried. Now they can't put the genie back in the bottle to stop it, even the greatest loser failed yet again ( imagine that ) to get the cultists to get vaccinated.
  11. sensible don

    Tucker Carlson peddling more anti-vax hooey

    Tuck Tuck is vaccinated, his obese body had him at High risk and his vaccinated boss said get the jab or else don't come to work to spread your lies. If he wasn't vaccinated, he would be running off at the mouth like the pathetic Palin has been.
  12. sensible don

    Sleepy Joe would own the righties - Kamala Harris to Supreme Court would open the VP door for Hillary Clinton

    LMAO - Gawd I hope he does this, there will be right wingers jumping off the roofs ! Only problem - can she vote for herself ? Is our country so bad off as to have a rematch of Hillary vs the greatest loser - imagine his destroyed ego losing to her...
  13. sensible don

    Looks like a new SCOTUS Justice appointment this year.

    geezus - he had a meeting with Sleepy Joe last week, did they not report that on the right wing media websites?
  14. sensible don

    Democratic FDA wants to kill Floridians

    Hey, let them be, they are thinning the herd by about 1800 per day and damn proud to do it. Only thing is, if you are dead are you really owning the libs? Riddle me this batman, the head of all the right wing media - Murdoch was one of the first to get the " JAB" YET HIS NETWORK/ NEWSPAPERS...
  15. sensible don

    Yes !! a Cultists wet dream comes true - it has started - Tucker Carlson 2024

    So funny - while on vacation out west, TUCK TUCK went into a sporting goods store and the owner called him, he cowered down like a puppy getting scolded. A real, real tough guy on camera then he melts down when confronted by a face to face man.