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    The West’s ruling “elites” truly *are* stupid!

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    Warning: 'Vaccine is Worse than We Feared, Could be Looking at Hundreds of Thousands More Dead

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    I hear you

    I hear you
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    Vaccine Induced Heart Attacks Spreading To The Unvaccinated Due To Spike Protein Shedding...

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    Dr Kevin Stillwagon - How The Jab Destroys Innate Immunity

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    Health Chief: At Least 7 Boosters to be Fully Vaxxed

    Time for the vaxxed to start dropping dead before they start killing the unwilling. well said
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    Two million ilegal aliens exempt from taking the jab

    Two million illegal aliens came into this country and they do not need to get vaccinated, but the communist mayor Deblazio of New York makes it mandatory for every one to get vaccinated. This just shows it is all about control has nothing to do with your health.
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    Why is Trump given a hall pass on killer injections?

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    Wendy Williams Paralyzed And Suffering From Dementia?

    WENDY WILLIAMS PARALYZED AND SUFFERING FROM DEMENTIA? The mysterious absence of Wendy Williams from her eponymous daytime talk show is getting weirder and sadder. We reported earlier this month how the show’s producers lined up several substitute hosts to fill Williams’ spot while she’s...