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    Something is wrong with this.

    Love America? Act of patriotism? Bolderdash! You want others to subvert and undermine the government of the United States of America while you cheer for chaos. The America you love doesn't exist. It is gone. And soon you will be too.
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    Something is wrong with this.

    an attempt to damage the country of the United States of America is terrorism. To make others live in fear that their well being will be damaged is a threat. The actions of the vast right-wing conspiracy are subversive and we need to defend our country from such bad guys. Simply, threatening an...
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    I guess if you've committed TREASON once, second time easier

    Kerry is no traitor. He is a true American. The way I look at it, the unamerican traitor is the one who opposes him and the President. The man who shouts that Obamacare will ruin the country is working hard to ruin the country. Whose treason is plain here?
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    Here is the caliber of person that uses children as props for dictatorial means..

    The NRA has a big ad out that uses Sasha and Melia as props. That is the caliber of person we should be talking about.
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    Good, Goddamn Idiot

    I think he should be made to take an oath of allegience to the USA. Then he better keep his [Unwelcome language removed] mouth shut and support our country. Then he can get his permit back. I don't believe weapons should be taken. I believe there should be more tests for mental illness or soundness of mind..
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    Good, Goddamn Idiot

    Who in the "dictatorial government" is he going to shoot first? Police? Uniformed soldiers? This guy should be on the mentally ill database to keep weapons out of his hands. He is admitting to being a criminal, He should be convicted and pay a hefty fine.
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    Good, Goddamn Idiot

    It was the state government who pulled his permit, not the fed. Terrorist threats are also punishable by law, at least here in Texas. It's not free speech to threaten violence. He should pay a hefty fine if he does it again. I guess this story is about states' rights as well as terrorism.
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    Good for the NRA! Two thumbs-up!

    How many died after the Iraq lies? There's a lot of Righty lies that are proven. example: almost anything Paul Ryan says. Another example: FOX News
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    New Republican Definitions

    like. a few LOLs. funny.
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    Tea Party Explains itself.

    I really like modern college humor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nyIZIiY81Ek
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    More people killed with hammers, clubs each year than rifles

    Check out the link to the FOX News article. It originated at Breitbart.com. They have taken statistics concerning blunt force trauma, and translated that to "hammers and clubs". What a bunch of maroons.
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    Factcheck.org has the full scoop and where that figure came from. It was posted in a blog. http://www.factcheck.org/2011/07/the-traveling-president/
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    Such bvllshit. Your link doesn't work, and I was looking for who said it cost $180,000 an hour to fly Air Force One. That is absolute bullshit. Over a million dollars to fly to Hawaii????? Maybe if you calculate how many coach seats you can put on a 747, then multiply it by full price of a...
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    I see some PJ cons as astute as Bill Frist

    These cons who questioned Hillary's illness have egg on their face. Unless now they're saying she's faking a blood clot. They look like such fools.