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5 dead and hundreds injured in Montana balloon mishap - Biden to blame - Irresponsible Senile actions

sensible don

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"The pieces just came flying down, they hit Bob's dairy barn and killed him and his wife and 2 kids while they were milking the cows. I knew Bob, he was a true Amerucun Patriot, I think Biden did this on purpose cause' we didn't vote for him." They are still assessing the damage and the cleanup has began Butte, Montana Officials say. The debris was scattered over a 14 sq mile area and it fell on the Oakridge Elementary during recess and hundreds of kids were hospitialized - school officials said since this was a mostly native american child school it was ok. The W.H. was quoted as " we just did what the war mongers guys on PJ wanted !" - they said the pressure was just immense as that website is a HOURLY, must read for Congress, Senate, S.C. and the WH.

Calls for his, Kamala the Giant, Omar and AOC impeachments are being brought up on the House floor today

Lindsay Lightbritches - He was very reckless and knew the consequences - we need an investigation !

Ted Cruz - ( live from Cancun ) He must be stopped, he is senile and out of control - the military needs to be more like the Russian army !

MTT - why didn't they use the space laser to cut it into shreds ?

McCarthy - MTT - What should I say here and did you feed the dog this morning ?

Deputy DeSantos - I made that balloon and I shot it down, it was hard but it had to be done!

Now how far off is this...........let's go Brandon !