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A movie too Depressing to be regarded as entertainment.


Rebuild With Biden!
I will post it here only because it is a movie. This movie is a sad reminder to be thankful for the blessings (big and small) we have here in America.
Some here on PJ may have watched it or have most likely read about it. If you get the chance to watch the movie, it's based entirely on a true story.
The brief trailer only shows a very small part of a sad actual/true historical event.

Mr. Jones: A True Story of the Holodomor
And what it means today.
Mr. Jones is the story of a British journalist who first exposed the West to the horrors of the Holodomor, the Stalin regime’s forced famine of the Ukraine. The film was first released in February 2019 at the Berlin Film Festival and became available for streaming in the U.S. last month. Mr. Jones wasn’t a hit financially, only bringing in $2.25 million, but it tells an incredibly important story.

The plot follows the true story of Gareth Jones’s (James Norton) horrific trip to the Soviet Union in 1933. A rising star in journalism who recently conducted an exclusive interview with Adolf Hitler for Western Mail, Jones set his sights on Stalin, whom he calls a miracle maker. While Jones sets out for Moscow with the hopes of an interview with the man of steel, the murder of a friend sends him in another direction, the Ukraine.

When Jones arrives in Moscow, all appears to be well for the Western journalists he is cordoned off with. The journalists aren’t allowed to leave Moscow, but why would they want to? It would interrupt the sex- and drug-fueled parties hosted by Walter Duranty (Peter Saarsgard), the New York Times Moscow Bureau Chief. Jones smooth-talks his way into a carefully monitored trip to the Ukraine and manages to escape his handlers to discover what is going on.

Jones quickly discovers that what was once considered the “breadbasket of Europe” is no more. Pursued by Soviet authorities across a monochrome wasteland, Jones discovers Ukrainian peasants willing to give up their coats for a loaf of bread, empty villages, and children resorting to cannibalism. What Jones discovered would later be known as the Holodomor, the forced starvation of somewhere between three to 12 million Ukrainians. Ukrainian grain was shipped elsewhere and food was confiscated while the people starved, outside aid was rejected, and Ukrainians were prevented from leaving. Jones is eventually captured, but because of his close relationship with former Prime Minister Lloyd George (Kenneth Cranham), he is conditionally released. The condition of release is silence; no one must know of the horrors in the Ukraine, or captured British “spies” will be executed.
Mr. Jones: A True Story of the Holodomor - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
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