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A recent trend.........hmmmm...........cultists jumping off the sinking ship?

sensible don

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So the " look at me, I am STUPID" neighbor with the TRUMP 2020 signs still in his yard took them down yesterday ! His wife said she actually did it and he didn't care anymore. She said the J6 trials and recent developments have brought him back to reality. I then checked in on my favorite conspiracy facebook poster and he hasn't posted nothing but a few fishing pictures and some grandkid baseball games photos over the past week. I looked back a few weeks and found his confession that he got suckered in and gave thousands of dollars away and now realizes he got took big time. I watch on here and there is what 5-6 true believers left, down a bunch from just a year ago. I see news showing the generic dem candidate achieving a +8 percent margin now in polls for senate and congress. I see RED STATE Kansas slapping down the control freaks. I see the kiss of death candidates everywhere failing miserably. I hear the talk of no ponzi scheme SS, VET benefits, Medicare, etc and laugh out loud.

So yeah, change is blowing in the wind for sure !