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America’s Forbidden City


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The Forbidden City in Beijing (Peking) was home to 24 of China's emperors beginning in 1420. This country had 46 presidents beginning in 1789. I do not know enough about Chinese emperors to judge them. I do know this country did have a few good presidents in the early years.

China’s Parasite Class closed the city to the Chinese people for centuries.

Due to its cultural significance and unique beauty, the Forbidden City is extremely popular with both Chinese and foreign tourists. The palace museum boasts 14 million visitors annually, more than any single section of the Great Wall.

These overwhelming numbers often make for extensive lines, particularly on national holidays and weekends. The Chinese government is working hard to ensure the constant flow of visitors is well-regulated, and to prevent harm to the ancient buildings by the large crowds.

Today, most of the city is open to foreign tourists alongside millions of Chinese visitors. Communist parasite headquarters is the one place that bars visitors .

NOTE: Parasite Classes dearly love building palaces. The Vatican, the Louvre, and the Kremlin pale beside the Forbidden City.

QUESTION: Is Washington, D.C. a forbidden city?

ANSWER: It is —— if you view all those buildings as palaces built to house the Parasite Class.

Bottom line: Parasites will always find a way to get paid for doing nothing more than preaching their moral garbage. That is why parasites brought down every civilization, every empire, every country, every culture that ever was, than did any other factor. This country will be no different so long as income is taxed.