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And yet another new member introduction

You asked for a solemn promise, I gave you one. Just not the one you wanted. I asked you to reciprocate and you ran from it like a [Unwelcome language removed] coward.
Nope, you backed out of your promise of a promise to Emily.

My words speak for themselves and I never promised to make a promise.


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so I'll be looking forward to clarification or confirmation.
I'm gonna be looking for something else. Look at you and Marvin's first replies in this thread. You guys started trashing this thread from the get-go.
Actually he characterized Nazis as "dirtbags need to get lost, and take the rest of their Jew-hating basement-dwelling pedophile friends with them."

Tell me what 14/88 means, Frau Titania. You can clear up the definition for everyone.

So who are these paeodophile friends he was referring too?

I don't know the answer to your question.
Correct and the new member posted a comment stating "14/88" in response to a question from me. The relevance of it went over my head since I'd never see it before, but Marvin pointed out the significance.

So far Emily hasn't agreed nor disagreed with the meaning of the "14/88" reference. It's entirely possible it means something else, so I'll be looking forward to clarification or confirmation.
We were all nice and welcoming to you when you first arrived --- Emily hasn't even got her foot in the door, poor thing, before you two bullies began calling her names. You did the same to another new and young poster not long ago ---------- it really isn't on.

So what if someone you do not expect to agree with enters the 'Fray'? Isn't that the purpose of the forum, an exchange of ideas?


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Well, I found an avatar. Not sure how much I like it, tho'. What do you all think?
I have not read any of the earlier postings on this thread, but a quick glance told me I don't want to.

The avatar is colorful and eye-catching.
Veronica Lake smoking a Camel cigarette, and sporting a swastika tat on her upper left arm.

It's not exactly my sort of thing, but if it makes you happy, then I say go for it.

My own avatar is an image of my first street bike, a Honda CL-90 Scrambler. My dad had brought it back from Vietnam, and a few years later I fixed it up and painted it green.
Rode it on my 14th birthday, the day I got my motorcycle rider's license in this State.

My first breath of clean air, and freedom.
I can remember that ride like it was yesterday.